A & T Dry Cleaners
​About Us
How did we get so good at what we do!?
Over 25 Years of Excellent Service
More than 25 years ago, owner and tailor Leah Smith, followed in her mother's and grandmother's footsteps and became a tailor.  She found it to be challenging and enjoyed the creativity it required.  Leah quickly realized that she loved clothes and the outlet tailoring became for her creative side!  Over the following years, she learned all the facets of exactly what distinguishes great clothing from average clothing - from fabric fiber and quality to the manufacturing process itself.  Leah is highly knowledgeable in making your clothes fit and look better than ever before.
Since then, Leah has gone on to tailor outfits that have been worn to  the Academy Awards, The Grammy's, the AMA's and more.  She has become both creative and skilled!  

However, throughout her years in this business, Leah always felt something was missing in the drycleaning and tailoring process.  She wanted customers' experience, through her dry cleaning and tailoring, to be heartfelt and genuine.  This is what she now shares with you!
Leah brings you individual attention to your unique needs ... both in value and service.  She brings a labor of love as well as a passionate desire to create a company that is valuable to our community.  So, stop in and say, "Hi!" to Leah and see what she can do for you and your clothing needs!